Chemistry Model Projects

1. BIO-GAS PLANT:         (Working)       (Non Working)

2. ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY: to show the conductivity of water is after adding a chemical of sugar.

3. PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD:      Make by simple chemical process.

4. WATER QUALITY CHECKER:    To see that water conducts electric better when impurities are added to it.

5. CARBON DIOXIDE DETECTOR:           Reaction with lime water & Co2 causes the change in current.

6. ELECTROLYSIS OF WATER:      Separate the water into hydrogen and oxygen.

7. MODEL OF CRT:             (3D Type).

8. WATER FILTER PLANT: A simple water treatment plant.

9. MAGNETIC SEPARATOR:         Separate the magnetic substances from dust.

10. OZONE HOLE:              A 3D model using running lights.

11. BLAST FURNACE:                     3D Actual type working model.

12. LIGHT SPECTRUM MODE:    Using electronic circuit.


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